How many times have you heard this?

We've always done it that way, why change?

How we help

At Melio, we provide our services and resources to businesses who are looking to achieve better performance, greater value and improved cost efficiencies through organisational change and digital transformation.

A lot of businesses understand that there are benefits to improved working practices, development of staff and the implementation of digital technology.  However, the challenge they face is often a lack of time or resource to dedicate to business change or in identifying what changes are needed and how to put them into practice.

This is where we can help. We focus on three intrinsically linked areas:


What You Do

Ask yourself the following questions:


  • What are you company's aims, objectives and behaviours?

  • What are the services you deliver?

  • Are you structured to deliver these services in line with the company vision?


We work with organisations to review their company vision, current services and business functions to ensure they are aligned with delivering improved business performance.


Following this review, we provide a strategy and implementation plan that focuses on key areas of improvement and can assist with the deployment of any change management programmes.


How You Do It

If your operating model is overly complex, time consuming or lacks clear direction, then it can lead to dissatisfied stakeholders, disillusioned customers, frustrated employees and dwindling profit margins.

Through a change management and digital transformation process, Melio can work with you to review existing ways of working and current systems and put in place solutions that will enhance your operating model.  

We realise that making changes to your own business can be time consuming and challenging, especially on top of business as usual activities. We are here to take some of that burden away.


Who Does It

The performance of your employees goes hand in hand with the performance of your business. Has your company considered the following questions on how your employees are doing?

  • Are they engaged with the company and its vision?

  • What are their motivations and aspirations?

  • Do their skillsets enable them to do the job at the standard required?
  • Do they have the required resources and equipment to perform?
  • Do they demonstrate the company behaviours?

Melio is able to work with employees at all levels of your business to determine motivations, aspirations, strengths, weaknesses, so that a Learning and Performance strategy can be designed and implemented.


Organisational Change

Learning and Performance

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Digital Transformation

Data Analysis and Evaluation

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